понедельник, 23 апреля 2012 г.

Lysenko Andrey CV

2006 - Moscow International Higher Business Institute "MIRBIS" (excellent marks)
Management, bachelor's degree
2005 - International Management Program University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim Germany International Management certification (English and German lectures)
International Management, certification

September 2010 — till now
Retail promotions and BTL activities organization
POP production and development
Merchandiser team control  and evaluation
Event management
My team created system regular retail promotions in Lenovo
My team implemented new system of conferences and events organization
My team installed more than 40 brand-zones in Russia and opend 7 brand shops

September 2008 — September 2010
Telecom representative offices control and evaluation (100 employees in 80 cities)
Retail motivation programs preparation and organization
Distance trainings preparation for employees in regions
Development and support on-line education system
My team created system of regional employees distance training and evaluation
My team implemented new PDA reporting system for regional offices
My team realized new MI format for regional offices in order to regularly collect and process customer’s feedback concerning new mobile phones.

January 2006 — September 2008
• Support and development of intranet and extranet web portal
• Organization of different events for partners
• Regular analytical reports preparation concerning web trends and tendencies.
• Coordinated budgeting process for web based activities, including intranet projects, development of the web support standards and guidelines.
Realized projects:
• Partners web-site. Web based PRM system for cooperation with small and big retailers. Developed regional strategy, preparation of trainings for staff; elaborated organization restructuring plan for on-line portals.
• Preparation of e-learning system in cooperation with major partners. Responsible for the foundation of certification system for retail networks. Participated in product trainings organization.
• My team created new e-learning system for small and big retailers. That experience was very successful not only in Russia but also in CIS countries.
• My team successfully participated in preparation and implementation of new loyalty program for VIP Samsung clients.


English - execellent

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Project
Lotus, Basecamp,MindMap


Good time management and planning
I had to have good time management and planning skills in order to survive while studying for my degree, working full-time, working part time in Institute, preparing my diploma and learning English and German. Those experiences help me to organize my current execution in Lenovo. Lenovo is growing company and at the same time we receive lots of tasks. This is very challenging period for me and I strongly believe that my colleagues and bosses could confirm that I am strong in planning ang time management.

Organizational skills
I am responsible for organizing Lenovo students program - Do network. This involves negotiation with the students, professors and Lenovo managers. As a project manager I must organize not only my work but also work of my staff and colleges.

Effective communication skills
In my job in Samsung I was not only responsible for planning and controlling of on-line projects, but I communicated with different departments. I needed good verbal communication skills, flexibility and a sensitive approach to do this, because lots of them were older than me and had their own projects and problems . As a client manager of consulting company I was working with lots of people. All my clients were managers who planning to get MBA degree, they were the top echelon from the biggest Russian companies, my successful work with them demonstrates not only my excellent communication skills but also my ability to cooperate with people from different areas and social positions.

A willingness to learn
In order to achieve my marks, part-time work in Institute and to pay for my study, English and German courses, I had to work without a break all my institute period (one year in McDonalds, (after my lectures), one year and a half in restaurant (during the nights), almost one year in MBA Consult (Russian education consulting company). I feel that this demonstrates my willingness to get knowledge not only in theory but also in practical way. Now I am working as a BTL manager in Lenovo Russia. Even on this position I try to develop my skills by different courses and self-study. I really believe that each person should develop himself all the time.

Literature, chess, football, physical fitness – gym. Karate, member of federation Karate Kyokushinkai Russia, winner of region competitions.